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The MAA Research Foundation (MRF) is a charitable not-for-profit organisation initiated by Mrs. Sunita G Kumar, a Philanthropist and Humanitarian inspired by her experiences has partnered with MAA ENT Hospitals in 2001, which is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees. The Foundation has always been a campaigner for equality in treatment across all sections of society. The MAA Research Foundation (MRF) has always been active advocate for providing specialist services and support to the deaf and hard of hearing people and their families. Since its inception, MRF has been enabling people to take control of their lives and remove the barriers in their way, giving them support, access and opportunity to advanced technology and treatments.

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"Our vision is of an inclusive society where the hearing impaired is fully integrated, with equality of opportunity and participation."

At the heart of what we are doing is trying to understand what the future is going to bring. We want to raise awareness of hearing loss at community and government level. We also, look at protection and prevention of hearing loss from new-borns to the elderly.


"To promote accessibility & opportunity to world-class technology & treatment, for every section of society, and thereby enhancing their quality of life."

Our Journey

Mrs. Sunita G Kumar, a Philanthropist and Humanitarian inspired by her experiences partnered with MAA E.N.T Hospital in 2001. Since then, the organisation has transformed into market leaders in the ENT space. Now their social welfare wing, the MAA Research Foundation, headed by Mrs. Sunita Kumar, has ambitious goals; to support and care for people with hearing loss, to educate those at risk of damaging their hearing, and to raise awareness of how isolating hearing loss can be.

The MAA Group has helped change the lives of the scores of people who are deaf or have a hearing difficulty, across India. The MAA Research Foundation tries to reduce the stigma and seclusion attached to hearing loss through treatment, support, campaigning and awareness.


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